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Agreements and partnerships

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Cooperation Projects

PPGSE's main indicator of integration with society is through the conclusion of technical cooperation agreements for research and technological development. These agreements provide training grants and allow research to be funded through funding for the purchase of consumables and equipment essential for the development of Program theses.

As an example, the Technical Cooperation Agreement (ACT) 04/2015 was signed in 2015 between the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR), the company NHS Sistemas Eletronics Ltda and the Foundation for Support for Education, Research and Scientific and Technological Development of UTFPR (FUNTEF-PR). NHS Sistemas Eletronics Ltda is a company located in the southern region of Brazil, in the city of Curitiba, which has been consolidating itself as a reference in the national market of Energy Systems, through innovation, continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence. The company is listed among the leading manufacturers in the industrial market in the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - or Nobreak in Brazil - categories, offering a variety of solutions for computer server infrastructure, telecommunication systems, CCTV, home automation, commercial and industrial, traffic lights, mission critical equipment, among others. The main objective of this research and technological innovation project was the development of a 2000W single-phase DC-AC converter for connection of photovoltaic panels to a power distribution system. In addition to research professors Amauri Amorin Assef, Roger Gules (coordinator), Alceu Badin (manager) and Eduardo Félix Ribeiro Romaneli, who also serve as permanent teachers in the UTFPR Graduate Program in Energy Systems (PPGSE), the project funded the execution of work in the Energy Processing and Analysis research line and involved the participation of two NHS scholarship students (PPGSE scholarship for 2 students): Amanda Ramos and Stacy Barcelos de Franco. Total project value: R$ 144,384.13.

The following year, ACT 06/2016 was celebrated between UTFPR, the company NHS Sistemas Eletronics Ltda and FUNTEF-PR with a two-year term. This research and technological innovation project sought to study and develop innovative structures of AC/DC (Direct Current/Alternating Current) static converters applied to UPS systems focusing on EMI reduction through the reduction of voltage and current derivatives. between the battery bank, the mains and the output voltage supplied by the UPS. As in the previous project, in addition to the professors mentioned, Professor Daniel Flores Cortez, also active in PPGSE, participated in the research and innovation agreement and new Master students were admitted through the offer of two scholarships for PPGSE students: Douglas Yoshiyuki Nakamura and Leonardo Göbel Fernandes. Total project value:  R$ 352,578.40.

In 2017, ACT 01/2017 was signed, effective until 2019 under the title Development of Solutions for Backup in Photovoltaic Energy. Coordinated by Professor Eduardo Félix Ribeiro Romaneli, the main objective of this work was to develop master's works in PPGSE focused on photovoltaic energy and related to industry needs in applications focused on inverters and nobreaks. In this agreement, two masters scholarships at PPGSE were offered to students Victor Gati and André Luiz Lohmann. Total project value: R$ 89,760.00.

Both projects have contributed to the strengthening of UTFPR-NHS relations in the field of technological development through joint efforts aimed at defining and implementing medium and long term technical cooperation agreements, human resources training programs and laboratory infrastructure, as well as other ongoing exchange initiatives on issues of common interest. 

Already in 2017, in line with CAPES 'recommendation in its Quadrennial Assessment report, which recommended further integration of PPGSE with companies in the national electricity sector, a group of 26 UTFPR professors, including 7 PPGSE professors (Ohara Kerusauskas Rayel, Guilherme de Santi Peron, Eduardo Felix Ribeiro Romanelli, Guilherme Luiz Moritz, Jair Urbanetz Junior, Paulo Cícero Fritzen and Raphael Augusto De S. Benedito) were approved the project PD 2866-0464/2017 with COPEL Distribuição, entitled "GD Analysis, Monitoring and Management by Incentive Sources".

The proposed project involves the investigation and development of a methodology for analysis, monitoring and management of generation from distributed sources, aiming to contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency and distributed generation in COPEL-DIS's areas of activity.

The research results will contribute to the optimization of energy resources and economic viability evaluation in the use of encouraged sources. As a consequence, this research should collaborate to encourage the development of the mini-generation production chain from renewable energies and its greater insertion in the Brazilian energy matrix. These results meet PPGSE's objectives of specifying, deploying and developing new technologies that result in higher energy efficiency and developing technologies for sustainable and renewable energy generation and processing.

It is observed that the project involves both PPGSE's areas of activity: in terms of energy processing and analysis, the methodology proposes to investigate the performance of power generation equipment from different photovoltaic panel technologies.  In the area of automation and instrumentation, the methodology will investigate and propose a method and electronic and computational technologies to supervise the operations of the power generation process by encouraged sources.

The amount contracted to COPEL is R$ 11,527,195.79, which will be invested over 36 months. In addition to the 7 professors in the program, 8 PPGSE Master's students are involved in the project (Bruna Juliane Vieira, Felipe Maia Barbosa Oliveira, Camila Oliveira Silveira, Erico Gurski, Diego Plazza Hilgert, Fillipe Alexandre Moraes, Muriele Bester De Souza and Renata Lautert Yang) , who receive Technical Assistant scholarships.

Also in 2017, Professors Glauber Gomes de Oliveira Brante and Guilherme Luiz Moritz had a research project approved by the Itaipu Technological Park. The project, entitled Multiple Antenna Techniques for Multiple MIMO (MU-MIMO), involves the Itaipu Technological Park Foundation and the Federal Technological University of Paraná, Rice University in the United States.

The project aims to develop techniques that improve the energy efficiency and data rate of the WiFi AC standard, and involves student Jorge Felipe Grybosi, who received a master's scholarship.

Finally, in 2018, ACT 13/2018 was celebrated between UTFPR, the company NHS Sistemas Eletrônica Ltda and FUNTEF-PR, with a three-year term and 5 PPGSE professors. The research and technological innovation project aims to develop innovative solutions of 3 kW isolated three-phase AC-DC converters for a hybrid wind and solar co-generation system, sharing the inverter stage, exploring the potential of each integrated CC-DC rectifier and converter. .  Coordinated by Professor Amauri Amorin Assef, this ACT includes the provision of two master's scholarships for PPGSE students with a total value of R$ 786,645.40.

As indicators of the faculty we can mention the projects selected through Universal Calls of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). Professors Amauri Amorin Assef and Glauber Gomes de Oliveira Brante were approved, in the form of financial support, for their projects of scientific and technological development and innovation of the Country in the Universal Call - MCTI/CNPq No. 14/2014 - Range A. Professor Jean Carlos Cardozo da Silva was awarded the Universal Call 01/2016 - Track B. Professors Daniel Flores Cortez and Glauber Gomes de Oliveira Brante were also awarded the Call MCTIC/CNPq No. 28/2018 - Universal/Range A.


In addition, the following professors were awarded at CNPq Scholarship Calls:

Amauri Amorin Assef: CNPq Productivity Technological Development and Innovative Extension Scholarship - Level 2 (DT-2)

Glauber Gomes de Oliveira Brante: CNPq Research Productivity Scholarship - Level 2 (PQ-2).

Jean Carlos Cardozo da Silva: CNPq Research Productivity Scholarship - Level 2 (PQ-2).