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Portuguese Language Courses

publicado 14/09/2017 12h24, última modificação 21/09/2017 14h13

In Curitiba and Pato Branco campuses, we have extensive Portuguese courses available to our exchange students who speak other languages. To be enrolled, the student needs to have a valid visa for at least six months from the start of classes. In Curitiba the course is divided into five levels, comprising 60 hours of classes each on a semester basis, at no cost to the student. In Pato Branco, depending on the number of students, there can be classes or individual tutoring.

Contacts in Curitiba campus
Elisa Cordeiro
Fernanda Chichorro
Jeniffer Albuquerque

Contacts in Pato Branco campus
Lourdes Parise
Susiele da Silva